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Cool Keanu!I’m starting think about bike riding


Hello 4 ever 2 wheels !
In first thank you for this great interview, I am very pleased and very impressed to know all these stages of production and creation on the KR-GT1 is fascinating ! I also discovered Keanu Reeves as a biker, I don’t think as committed and passionate about the bike.

With this interview I think really look into this wonderful motorcycle that has a story to tell ! Thank you to you for asking such good questions, your company name motorcycle I’m sure you will find such a beautiful slogan like Arch šŸ˜‰

I guess you were not at his store, did you interview at Carmel festival, or is he came to Ford Collins after Carmel ? Have you could test the bike?

Thank you again for this great interview and hope to hear from you again !


That was fun!


Well hi ya doing Keanu.. What got you started on Norton bikes and how many do you own now? šŸ™‚


Thank you for a great form of introduction to Arch and the product line. I expect with the leadership and passion the ROI will positive for the company and the client. I hope that while at these rally events “arch”tee are given to the possible dealers or clients. Remind them of the company that made a bit more effort.Make it a great day!

May (from London)

Thank you for this great intrerview with Keanu.I’ve always thought he’s amazing and incredible man.I would like to meet him in person.I live in London and I dream meet him in London anyway.Just I dream…

yolanda Tamez

I was in love with the soft tail growing up…I thought they were the coolest bike…I like the one”s with all the chrome….My girlfriend and I use to go down to the park, and flag bikers down to go riding…One day we asked a few to come to her moms house. We thought we invited two guys and when we pulled up in front of her moms house. About another 15 bikes followed, her mom can out and was like what is going on. They were so loud coming up the street one after another after another….Wow …that was crazy…..One after another after another pulled up….Now that girlfriend owns a Harley Davidson store….in Munster, Ind….wonder who lol I then started to love the Indians I thought those we cool….I only rode a dirt bike growing up…Never have driven a motor cycle just on the bike ..non the less love them…I had a guy buy a Harley because I told him I would not ride on anything but……riding on the expressway going 90 in your 20’s coming from Chicago, is a little bit crazy, would never do that today…..your bike is cool looking…..good for you… you….I have never had the privilege to own my own….thanks

yolanda Tamez

He’s to cool f-ing go for it right on!

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