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4E2W Podcast #31 – David Uhl

David Uhl is on this week’s episode of the 4Ever2Wheels podcast. I got to sit down with David in his studio in Golden for an hour and talk mostly about art and his life. We at times go deep, you might need a pen and paper to take notes. Please go and check out his artwork, he is deeply committed to the process and that come out in this interview. Strap in and enjoy this episode, I know I did.

4E2W Podcast #30 – Brian Gates

I met Brian several years ago when he was filming Knievel’s Wild Ride for A&E. He was point man, took care of me that wild long weekend and we have been friends ever since. Great talk with some info on the Knievel legacy and more fun. You can see more about him at his personal security site  or his martial arts training studio where you can see him lie on glass and have concrete blocks broken on his chest.