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When I came up with 4E2W, it was really an amalgamation of concepts and a lifestyle. I have promoted brands for companies for years and I wanted to have something of my own, that could sustain itself and help spread the moto-culture, which has informed who I am today (like it or not). I took that concept and took to the best programmer I know (Eric Byrd) and he was in…I sold the idea hard to him, because  I knew the framework was proven and would work. Today the idea of what 4E2W is, and can be, has morphed into something unexpected. It has reinvigorated me about what the motorcycle industry is and how I fit into it. Yes I have an alternative Marketing/PR/Promotions company but it’s more than that, it is a way to connect with people. Sometimes it is through the written word, imagery or even audio. When I started this blog (especially the first iteration) I didn’t want any text, just images. The problem is that I’m a writer, I have a piece of paper that says so from C.S.U. and even more to the point it’s the only thing that comes effortlessly. Perhaps it’s what Stephen Pressfield deems resistance, so I’m pushing through that and going to write…once every week, archived for all the world to read for eternity. Maybe my son, Elvis who is 8 now and sitting behind me waiting to fix him breakfast, will read this some day and remember this moment in time.

This is the first of many essays that I hope inform readers not on what the industry is doing, what’s cool, or some esoteric idiom about how 2 wheels move the soul. Just memories of riding, or not riding and how motorcycles have shaped who I am today. I might even throw in an image if I have a good one. Here is a picture I took from a few years back on my way to meet Ryan on our way to Durango, the sun was just coming up, it was a late August morning and I was taking my newly built custom bike for a 1200 mile ride, some of the best memories on a bike that I have. Don’t take pictures while riding!

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Riding Shadows

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