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AJW Motorcycles England 1928-53

Founded in Exeter GB by  Arthur John Wheaton, AJW he used a conglomeration of frames and engines including Brough-Superior frames, Jap, MAG and Anzani engines. They premiered in 1928 with a 4 cylinder water-cooled motorcycle dubbed the Super 4, which was never produced. They had some moderately fast very expensive motorcycles, some topping out at 100 mph.

AJW Motorcycles, Super 4
Water-cooled AJW Super 4…never produced


Anzani engine, AJW Motorcycle, AJW Rider
996cc AJW with an Anzani Engine
AJW, restored AJW
AJW restored
AJW Advertisement
AJW Motorcycle, JAP Engine
AJW JAP Engine
AJW Speedway, AJW Racer, AJW Motorcycle
AJW Speedway racer
AJW motorcycle, Flying Vixen, Vintage Motorcycles
1935 AJW Flying Vixen Catalogue Page
AJW Motorcycle ad, AJW motorcycle
1938 AJW Ad
AJW Red Fox, Red Fox Tank
AJW Red Fox Tank
AJW Red Fox, Red Fox
AJW Red Fox
AJW Flying Fox, Flying Fox Ad
AJW Flying Fox Ad
AJW Advertisement, AJW ad
AJW Racer
AJW Racer
Fox Club, AJW
AJW Fox Club
AJW Red Fox, AJW Motorcycles, Red Fox
1936 AJW Red Fox

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