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Bonneville Salt Flats

I have had the opportunity to go to the BUB Motorcycle Speed trials at the salt flats on two occasions. Both times it was great to see the spirit of motorcycling in action. I had no idea that there was water underneath and that the salt was just a crust on top. It can be as hard as concrete or as fine as…well salt. Everyone takes the conditions in stride, I rode through a salt storm one year and it felt like I wasn’t moving. The race is amazing, no attitudes, no posturing just trying to make a motorcycle go as fast as possible. It is a surreal place with  feeling of infinite desolation and wonder that is worth the visit.

sunrise, salt flats, 4E2W
Sunrise on the Salt
Biker Build Off, Salt Flats, Goldammer
Roger Goldammer’s Racer for the Biker Build Off
Motorcycle, Woman motorcycle racer, woman speed racer
Salt Flats Racer
Confederate Motorcycle, Confederate motorcycle racer
Confederate on the Salt
Lady racer, Motorcycle woman racer
Salt Flats Racer
Salt Flats racing team, motorcycle
single cylinder racer, motorcycle salt flats racer
Single Cylinder Racer
Classic Motorcycle, motorcycle history
Woman Looking on as Man racer by
Matt Hotch, Biker Build Off, Salt Flats
Matt Hotch Bike Build Off
Shinya Kimura, Salt Flats
Shinya Kimura
World's Fastest Indian, Burt Monro
Worlds Fastest Indian
Confederate Motorcycles, Wheelie on the salt flats, V-Twin
Confederate Wheelie on The Salt Flats
Jody Perewitz, Racer, Salt Flats
Jody Perewitz
track, black track on flats
Track on the Flats
Motorcycle on the salt flats
Lone Motorcycle
rollie free, salt flats, 4E2W, vintage motorcycle
Rollie Free racing in his swimsuit
Rollie Free, Time Magazine
Time Magazine Rollie Free Shoot
Racer, Salt Flats
Vintage Racer

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