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Arlin Fatland and 2 Wheelers MC

I’ve known Arlin for a bunch of years. He is a Denver institution, builds great bikes and has a true motorcycle shop that you can walk in feel at home and get help finding the part you need. I got the chance to visit with him last week about motorcycles, Denver and how things have changed. Here are some pictures to go along with the Podcast which should go up later today.


Daytona Beach Bike Week, FXR, Arlin Fatland, 2 Wheelers, Warbird Kit, Harley, Corbin
Arlin on his trusty FXR Daytona
motorcycle seat, custom seat, Arlin Fatland, 2 Wheelers MC
Arlin had been open for business since 1970
Triumph, Custom Motorcycles, Custom Choppers
Bikes Lined up
Arlin Fatland, 2 Wheelers
Arlin Out front of his shop
Harley, Shovelhead, Blue Shovel
Custom Blue Shovel
Choppers, Sign, 2 Wheelers Sign
Chopper Surfboard Sign
Arlin Fatland, 2 Wheelers, motorcycles
Arlin and a couple of ladies
2 Wheelers Denver, Denver Motorcycle Shop
FXR, Warbird kit, Corbin
Arlin Fatlands FXR Corbin Warbird
motorcycle fenders,
Lots of parts, fenders etc. in stock
Red Knucklehead, Knuck, Knucklehead, Chopper
Arlin Knucklehead
Motorcycle t-shirt, 2 Wheelers Denver
Classic 2 Wheelers t-shirt design
2 Wheelers, Denver, Service, Motorcycle
2 Wheelers Denver Service Department
shop, 2 Wheelers, Denver, motorcycle parts
2 Wheelers Denver has everything from t-shirts to taillights
Sidecar, motorcycle
Stay Loaded Sidecar


Steve Kelly

One of the nicest guys in the industry.

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